Prime Minister Modi visits Canada

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Canada on 14 April 2015, for the first bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister in 42 years.

The highlight of the visit was unveiling of deal to supply uranium fuel to India. The Canadian government formally ended a lengthy dispute that began after New Delhi used Canadian technology to develop a nuclear bomb.

Canadian producer Cameco Corp will supply 3.22 million kilos of uranium concentrate to India over the next five years. The deal is Cameco’s first with India, which the firm called the second fastest growing market for nuclear fuel.

The two countries had started to put the dispute behind them with a cooperation deal in 2013 that let Canadian firms export controlled nuclear materials and equipment subject to safeguards applied by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The two Prime Ninisters also said they wanted to boost bilateral trade, which currently sits at a modest C$6.3 billion a year, and revive stalled talks on a free trade agreement.

900-year-old piece of sculpture from Khajuraho temple, which had somehow reached Canada, was returned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper when Prime Minister Modi met him in Ottawa. The sculpture, known as ‘Parrot Lady’, was handed over in accordance with 1970 UNESCO Convention.

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