Sadashiv Amrapurkar: Veteran Hindi films actor who was known for his stellar performances in villainous roles in movies like Sadak, Ishq and Ardhsatya, he died on 2 November 2014 at age 64.  Born as Ganesh Kumar Narwode, the actor adopted the stage name Sadashiv Amrapurkar in 1974 and made a mark on theatre as well as the silver screen with his spine-chilling performances.

Sitara Devi:  Kathak queen, she died on 24 November 2014 at age 94. She drew from the themes, poetry and choreography collected by her father in her choreographs. She also got inspired from the environment around her—whether it was a town or a village.  Kathak, which literally means “katha”, is a narrative drama which evolved out of the Krishna temples of hinterland to scale the pinnacle of glory in the Muslim courts. Sitara Devi’s roots were inextricably woven to the tradition of “kathakars”, the early Kathak dancers. She was born as Dhannolakshmi to a family of Brahmin “kathakar” Sukhdev Maharaj and chose school and dance over an early wedding, as was the norm of the 1920s.


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